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Game Designer


Mothergunship is coming to PS4, Xbox One, and PC in 2018



by Grip Digital and Terrible Posture Games

Role: Junior level designer

Engine used: Unreal 4


I have been working on Mothergunship as a junior level designer since November 2017 to the present.

These are public screenshots of the game that represent the type of work I have done. Personal work screenshots will be shown once game is released.

I work on creating quality levels with multiple level sets doing block-in, detail, and lighting phases from start to finish.

For more information visit:

Projects in College

Racing Game

The Bridge

Role: Level designer

Engine used: Unreal 4

For this project I made this map myself. It is from a 3 man project where we all made our own racing level  in Unreal and then collaborated on a final map.

Paper map


FPS Level

Small map

Role: Level designer

Engine used: Unreal 4

This project I was tasked to create an FPS map myself using Unreal.

The setting or theme of my FPS map is a conflict fight between Environmental and Industrial sides. You have the Environmental half on the map, with rocks, dirt, and wood, and then the other side being Industrial with steel pipes, crates, and supplies.

Paper map



Role: Producer, Level designer

Engine used: Unity

Team Size: 5

For this group project my team made treasure hunting thriller game. In "Labyrinth" you must collect all 5 treasures before exiting the dungeon. All while trying run and hide form the Minotaur!

I designed the paper made, produced the project, and helped design the theme.

Find Treasure! 


In game lore

Grey Box

Final (unlit)

VR City Square

Role: Level designer

Engine used: Unreal 4

For this project I experimented with level design in Virtual Reality (VR). This setting was set to scale and objects were able to be picked up and moved when playing with a VR headset on.

All assets taken free from the Unreal store Marketplace.

Most objects like chairs and doors are intractable in VR using the Oculus or HTC Vive.


I aim to make pixels on a screen feel like real human beings. My background in theater helps with this.

Iv'e learned a lot of life lessons from Video games throughout the years. Now I want to give back.

PJ Cignarella

About me

Hi i'm PJ Cignarella, I'm a Game Designer. My skills are in level design, character design, and game producing. I have a background in theater, and enjoy learning and teaching.

Currently I am a junior level designer on the project "Mothergunship" by Grip Digital and Terrible Posture Games.


Deeply passionate Game Designer with the desire to keep learning and make something great!


I'm a very personable person who is good at communicating and working with other people.